Dear Reader,

It is such a delight
to have you, who can appreciate what I write,
as my dearest reader.

Let me invite you to my world of words and rhyme;
a place where you can momentarily forget about time.

There is no need to be afraid, for I will be leading,
you through this reading
with gentleness and honesty – I will guide you like a compass.

I suggest, you open your eyes and open your mind
for this ride will be sublime, and one of a kind.

Prepare yourself for emotions, deep and dark as the sea,
cries of pain that rival those of a banshee,
and words, sharp and witty – but nonetheless of great honesty.

In this story, every line may have two explanations,
there might be underlying relations and other complications.

Once you enter, there will be no turning back;
you must go on – attack
and tackle each and every poem.

But the struggle is what motivates you;
you, the adventurer, will always seek something new.

Now, off you go, sailing on this ship
I wish you, my dear reader, a pleasant trip
through the epistolary waters of these songs and poems.

Yours faithfully,


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