‘A Game of Keys’ is out now!

I am very happy to say that my e-book A Game of Keys has finally been published. I also enrolled it into the KDP select program and I hope to see people reading it!

Buy the Kindle edition at Amazon.

A stalker has kidnapped Connor, but Connor is being offered a way to freedom. In a game of cat and mouse, he must find the right keys to unlock both his handcuffs and the door keeping him from the outside world. If he succeeds within an hour, he will be free to go as he pleases. If not, then he will face the consequences.
But as Connor struggles through his kidnapper’s twisted game, he uncovers a dark secret that changes everything he once knew to be real. Soon enough he realizes that the greatest enemy he must confront may not be his kidnapper, but his own inner demon.
(This story contains m/m.)


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