Got a review for ‘A Game of Keys’!

Well, I was very pleasantly surprised that I got another review on Amazon!

It looks like a very honest 4-star review from someone named Shar, which you can find here. Similar to more feedback I’ve gotten in the past for this story, (s)he said that A Game of Keys is a bit weird/strange. In this case, I would say that I succeeded in my goal as a writer (’cause I like taking people by surprise!). ^_^

The creepy atmosphere also appealed to Shar, she felt that it made the story a mix of horror and (obviously) m/m with a dominating aspect of sci-fi. I was surprised by this, I had typed the atmosphere as being creepy suspense, but I do believe in the concept of  Death of the Author, so I absolutely encourage this sort of alternative interpretation of the story.

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding as to the relationship between main characters Connor and Cuán, or perhaps it’s a matter of misapplying the terminologies, but Shar -and many like him/her- seems to think that Connor and Cuán are half-brothers. They are, in fact, stepbrothers. This tidbit of difference does not, however, change the overall understanding that the reader has of the nature of the relationship itself which still exudes the kind of air it would have had were Cuán and Connor actually blood related, so this bit of misunderstanding is not a problem for the overall understanding of the novella.

Anyway, hereby I would like to thank you, Shar, for reviewing my book – I do appreciate the feedback that I get!


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