What?! I have another review?

Today, I received another review on Amazon! Do you know how happy that makes me? It’s a 5-star review!!

This review is from a person named vhun and you can find it here.

(S)he says that my novella A Game of Keys is “A book with hidden depth”. Again, it’s mentioned that I wrote the story in such a way that the twists and turns of the plot come by surprise.

Furthermore, vhun says that my story is one not to forget. Do you know how great a compliment that is to an author? It’s one of the best that you can get! Because when someone cannot forget the story that you write, it means that you have touched that person’s heart in one way or another.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, vhun, for the honest review that you have given me. As always I am much grateful for the feedback that I receive!

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