The Gate to the Middle Kingdom ch31-40 and other news!

There are now 40 chapters to my story The Gate to the Middle Kingdom!
Stephen is getting himself into a lot of trouble, and I’m not sure whether Danny is able to get him out of it or not… We’ll just have to see.
Read the latest 10 chapters here:
Follow every update here:

Also, in other news, I am working on a collaborative fantasy novel. It’s all written, but I am the one who’s going to edit it, and I’m only halfway through. I am also in the process of painting its cover, but also still not finished on it. Working title is Fire of Mars. We’ll see if the title will change or not.
Characters in this book all behave deliciously atrocious, collaborating and backstabbing each other like there is no tomorrow. I must say that I despise saintliness.

Lastly, the Smashwords edition of Letters to an Imaginary Friend is back online for sale! Buy it here:


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