Planning a rewrite for “The Gate to the Middle Kingdom”.

I’ve been using two stories to experiment with the cell phone novel format; The Gate to the Middle Kingdom and A’Gau: Rise of the Omega. While ARotO consists of 100-word chapters, the chapters from TGttMK were written with a 140-character limit based on the Twitter format.

I enjoyed the experience of writing in both formats, but have found that the Twitter format is too restrictive. At times it’s limit cut through my inspiration flow. I would be deeply engrossed in a scene and writing a charged sentence only to stumble upon my character limit once again!

It was fun for a while and the format is definitely appropriate shorter stories. But not for a longer story. And I have more planned for Stephen and Danny, I have a bigger plot in store for them!

Which is why I have decided to stop writing in the 140-character format. The adventures of Stephen and Danny will still continue in cell phone format, but rather than 140-character format, I am thinking of another 100-word format. Or perhaps a 50-word format. I’m not sure yet. What I do know is that old chapters will be rewritten and subsequent chapters that will be released are going to be longer.

I’m very excited about it, and I hope you’ll be looking forward to the newly improved TGttMK as well!


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