SonnyGoten as company & new pseudonym

There have been some things going on my real life, and because of them, I found this to be a good opportunity to actually register with (local) governmental organisations and what not, and become a real indie-publisher and -writer. To accomplish this, I am planning to upgrade the SonnyGoten name from pseudonym to publishing name/label. Having thought about it for a while, it never really sounded like a good pseudonym anyway, it had always felt more like a brand or trademark name of a non-human entity. In order to let SonnyGoten become the name of the company, I’ll need a new pseudonym. I’m thinking of S. M. W. Goten Y. W. Bat, I’ll all my original fiction will be published under that name eventually as part of SonnyGoten. Of course, to fit that plan, this website will have some alterations. My old books will also all be re-published under S. M. W. Goten Y. W. Bat, likely with new designs, etc.; I expect the transfer of everything to be a long and consuming process, so wish me luck!


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