Nothing lasts forever

A yellow rose sprouted from the sun-kissed soil.
Its bud slowly opened up to the sparkling rays of light.
Blossoming in this world, its birth was nothing special.
It was a simple tiny yellow flower amongst many of all colours.
But this delicate flower could not withstand the storms of the cruel world.
Like many other flowers, it perished before it had the chance to fully bloom.
The yellow petals fell to the now cold earth, which had once served as its womb.

A child came along and picked up one of its petals.
Knowing what could have been had not come to be, the child silently mourned.
But she knew that mourning had to end;
and so, she released the petal and the wind swept it away.

A white butterfly fluttered along, chasing the yellow petal.
You too? the child thought.

Friendships wither and souls pass on.
This too will not last forever – nothing does.

Written in dedication of G. – although we did not part on amicable terms, I still thought of you when you passed on.

**First published October 11th, 2009 at 10:51 AM on

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