A Game of Keys, Stage 1 – ch. I

“I’m going to play a game with you.” The voice that spoke to me was barely above a whisper.

“No. You’re. Not.” I shot back, punctuating each word. There was a soft snickering heard inside the pitch black room.


The answer bewildered me. “Sure?” I asked carefully. Would my captor actually agree with my suggestion? I dared not be hopeful.

My captor chuckled lightly. “Sure… if you’re willing to bear the consequences.”

“Consequences?” I bit the inside of my cheek. Suspicious. This did not sound right.

My captor repeated the word once more. “Indeed, consequences,” he said. The tone of voice which he used was smug.

“What consequences?” I demanded. “Don’t you dare fool around with me!” I felt my stomach churn as I thought of the possible conditions a stalker, kidnapper, or whatever the hell he was, could come up with.

“Patience, patience, my dear. You seem to have a habit of interrupting me at every interval.”

I scrunched my nose in disgust and glowered angrily at my kidnapper. Or, actually, I tried to glower at the direction where I heard my kidnapper’s voice, since I could not see anything. But I did remain silent.

“You may not be able to see it, but I have a set of keys here…”


As my captor took a dramatically long pause to let his words sink in, I let myself mull over the situation I was in. My kidnapper had me trapped and wanted me to participate into his twisted games, which involved keys. If the captor was playing fair, which was unlikely, this could only mean that I had to find the right key. If he was not playing fair… then it would likely mean that there was no key to get me out of here at all, and that he was simply messing with my mind. Psychopaths got off on such things after all.

My kidnapper spoke again. “As you may have already guessed by now, among these keys only one will open the path of freedom to you. Now here is where I will explain to you what offer you have just rejected.”

He stopped speaking momentarily, and somehow, I could sense his tremendous glee, as if he had been saving the best details of his lurid plans for me for the last part of his narration.

“Speak. Up,” I bit out, getting impatient with the suspense he was building up.

“Certainly,” he said, and the tone he used to say that word, confirmed my suspicions. The best had been saved for the grand finale. “By playing the game, you had a chance at freedom. But, since you will not be playing the game, you will have lost the game by default. And the penalty for losing a game is… that – I. Will. Rape. You.”

What!” I shouted. My hands formed into angry fists. Outrage. I felt nothing but outrage at his suggestion. “Are you mad! There is no way in hell I will let you –”

“You are in no position to deny me,” my captor interjected smoothly. He was smirking. I just knew that he was smirking, the filthy pervert. He had been anxious to tell me this, to see my reaction towards his crude revelation.

But he was right. I was in no position to deny him. I was bounded and practically blind. Reluctant to give in, but realizing that there was no opportunity to escape my fate if I didn’t play along, I conceded. “Fine,” I said to him, “What’s the game about?”

He chuckled softly. “All the keys are available for your use. Just unlock the door and you are free to go. However, my hands just itch to touch you… so, whenever you drop a key… I get to… you know.”

“You’ll get to rape me once?” I growled. Perhaps I should forfeit this game after all.

“Oh, I am not that forceful,” he replied, “I will undress you, and molest you, but the best shall be served at the end. You will have one hour.”

I narrowed my eyes. “One hour?”

“Correct. But if you still haven’t opened that door within the given time limit… well, let’s just say that watching your back won’t save it. Yes?”

How I wished to just spit in his ugly face! Okay, I may have never truly seen his face, but I just knew that a pervert like this could never be handsome, because if he were then he would not need to resort to me of all people just to get off.

I gritted my teeth as I asked him, “How can I trust you? You might be lying to me.”

More soft grinning. “And why would I lie to a pretty thing like you?” The lust I heard from his murmuring voice made my body shiver. Disgusting pig! And what the hell was with the ‘pretty thing’? How dare he call me that! He was trying to mock me!

I was not so easily beaten, however. “You’ve kidnapped me and taken me to God knows where,” I pointed out to him, summing up what crimes he had committed. “You cuffed my hands and took my glasses from me, robbing me from my sight. And on top of that, you plan to rape me! So why would you not lie to me?” I writhed in discomfort as I growled out in anger. “Tell me! Why should I trust you!”

“Simple,” I heard him answer casually. “You have no choice.”

Indeed, he was right. I was angry and afraid, but I had not lost my sanity yet. My rational mind still functioned enough in order to tell me that I was completely defenseless. My fate lay in this person’s hands.

I knew then that I could not escape the inevitable, but I still dreaded what I had to do – I had to comply with his wishes. I growled in anger at the prospect of having to let him touch me; I would never ever let that happen to me, I refused to even think about it.

“Fine, just give me the keys.”

“They’re hanging here, against the wall, on your right.”

I turned to the voice. “You won’t take off the cuffs from my hands first?” I asked, knowing already what the answer was, but dreading it all the same.



“Among the keys, there is one to unlock your handcuffs as well,” he explained to me. “And you’re not blindfolded, so when you’ve managed to free yourself, the next task should be easy.”

I growled lowly. “My eyesight is poor,” I complained.

Again, that arrogant soft snickering. “I know that. That’s exactly why I took away your glasses and destroyed the light in this room.” He sighed momentarily. “Well,” he continued, “hurry up. Otherwise, I’ll just start fucking you right now instead of giving you a chance to save yourself.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Are you hiding your voice from me?” I asked.

“Of course I am,” he answered, still in that soft whispering voice of his. “Have you not seen that latest B-movie in theaters? Any true evil kidnapper would be smart enough to do such a thing.”

I let out an indignant snort, but then stood up, turned a quarter, and marched on. B-movie? Yes, as a film fanatic, I had seen it. In the movie the victim of the kidnapper had been trapped just as I was right now, and just like me she had to search for a key to free herself. The ending had been morbid. A cold feeling washed over me. Was this psychopath inspired by that movie?

Deeply in thought, I wasn’t aware of when I should stop, so when the distance between the wall and me closed, I bumped my nose against cold metal, which then fell, sliding down my cheek and my body, clattering on the floor…


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