LtaIF, I – 11: Seven sins


February 1, 2012

An open letter to God the Great Liar,

You raped a Virgin’s body
and her name was Mary
she wasn’t wary
of desires that You carry.

Eat and eat, ‘cause it tastes so sweet
drink and drink, we don’t need to think
eat Your body and drink Your blood
we know it feels so good!

Ten thousand drop before You on their knees
Your want shall only be increased
Your greed shall never be ceased
and You shall never be pleased.

You sleep You hear no pain
our cries of help are all in vain
Your excuse is: “I am not lazy,
but working stands beneath Me.”

Ten thousand cities burn on Your command
You feel no pity – no, You can’t
You sent waters of the oceans to Your lands
You drowned Your people with Your own two hands.

Ten plagues roamed free over the Nile
the corpses of firstborns on a pile
Isis, Ra, Osiris aren’t worthwhile
Yet ignoring jealousy is not Your style.

You say: “I am High and Mighty
you shall have no gods before Me
I shall spare you misery
if you worship only Me!”


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