Slowly I strode down the stairs. Every step that I took, echoed in the darkness. Here it was. This would be the place, where my sworn enemy was going to die.

“I’ve returned, little Isa…”

There she was. In the middle of the room, she hung, nailed against her cross that I had specifically designed for her. The blood that was stained on her body was barely visible, due to the little light that the few candles hanging across the walls provided us. I stared at her, while I slowly neared her step by step.

“You know what, my dearest sister? Your kind truly makes me sick.”

Anger flared in her eyes as she looked at me. I shot a look of disgust back at her and spit in her face. The girl really needed to start learning her place. I gave her a victorious smirk. “What is it, dear sister? You wanted to punch me?” I grinned. “That will be difficult, won’t it? Especially in your case, nailed against a cross.”

An icy cold laugh left my lips. You deserve this. For what you’ve done to me. For what you’ve taken from me. That which has rightfully belonged to me all these years. You deserve this, sister.

Her voice brought me out of my thoughts. “You think you’re so great, don’t you, Astin?” I looked up and stared into her sharp eyes. “Father would have turned himself around in his grave, if he ever had the chance to witness this.”

I felt anger boiling inside me. How dare she! To talk about him! How dare she speak out that word in my presence! Father… the word stabbed into my heart like a knife.

“Father was a filthy liar,” I hissed. “He had promised his throne to me. He had promised me that I would be the one to take his place. I rode with the winds back to home, the moment I heard that Father was dying. But just when I get back, I see with my very own eyes how Father hands over his crown to you.”

I lifted my hand and smacked her across her face, but she kept staring at me without even moving a muscle. I balled my hands into fists and I took a deep breath to calm myself down. The temptation to just kill her was great, but I had to restrain myself from doing it. I recovered from my anger.

“How does it feel to hang from this cross like a dead man, waiting for your end?” I asked and malice dripped from my voice. She began to laugh however, and the sound echoed loudly in the quiet room.

“Stupid girl,” she said, a grin still firmly kept on her face. In the dim light of the candles she looked pale, like a cold body arisen from its grave. “Father chose me above you, because I am immortal.”

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. “Immortal?” I repeated.

Even hanging on a cross she kept laughing in her self-satisfied way. “Yes, immortal. Do you remember Father’s most trusted advisor, Priest Juda? I bribed him. I let him deceive Father. To Father I’ve become a Saint. The whole country believes in my Holiness.” She gave a look of victory. “You’re the one who went back to Earth. Israel, the land where God died as man hanging from a cross?” She closed her eyes. “Do you see how I’m dying on a cross now as well? I’ll have to thank you for this, sister. Thanks to you, I die as a God.”

She opened her eyes again and stared with them straight into mine. I looked deep into those green orbs, but there was nothing left in them. Nothing but chaos. Insanity. Complete madness. And I understood that there was no way for me ever to win from her again. I turned around and left. And as I removed myself further away from her I gave her a last farewell.

“Die as a God if it pleases you. But die.”

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