The Golden Sun

“Astin,” my sister said, bringing my attention to her. “ Do you like the fireworks?”

I nodded. “Yes, of course, little Isa,” I replied. “The fireworks bring good luck. They chase away the Devil’s minions, and protect our father’s health.”

Fireworks. They reminded me of my past. I had been princess Esther. I still remember myself sitting next to my youngest sister, Isa, arms around the small child, as we both watched the colored lights with fascination.

Isa had been a bundle of sparkling joy. Despite being systematically abused by our father’s right hand, Priest Juda, she would lit up like a golden sun, the instant she saw me. It was this bundle of joy that had kept me going within the palace walls which hid and confined me.

When I had gone to the old world, I had often thought about Isa. What would happen to her, without her older sister there to protect her? But I should not have worried about little Isa. The girl had been fine all along. Like the sun Isa had woken up every day to shine with her bright smile. And today she shone over this entire nation, like that golden globe up in the sky, bringing the people of SpaceColony HEXIA hope for many generations to come.

Yes, Isa was like the sun. And I, Astin, like the moon. Already I could see the rays of light radiating from Isa; they blinded everyone from me, the pale moon. Who would notice me? And yet, no matter how brightly my sister shone, how could I, Astin, follow behind her? I am no longer Esther, I could no longer be hidden in the shadows. Furthermore, Isa no longer needed my protection; she seemed to have made an arrangement with the Priest. What purpose was there then, to follow in the darkness, to protect from the shadows? I no longer saw it.

“A full moon tonight,” I heard Isa mumble under her breath. She turned her head and looked at me with a sideways glance. “The moon is good to our people, sister; she protects us from darkness. Yet, it is the sun which brings prosperity.”

I held her gaze captive with my eyes. I felt the urge, wanted to scoot closer, place an arm around my sister and kiss the girl, but… I did not. I had to come to terms with it, that Isa was no more a child.

I gave her a gentle smile. “Yes, my Isa,” I said, “tomorrow the sun will bring us prosperity again. But tonight, the moon still shines.”

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