The Silver Moon

I had always looked up to my sister. Those gentle arms had held me many times when I had been just a girl. Sitting here next to her again after all those years apart, watching the fireworks burn, made my heart skip a beat.

Esther was back to guide me again. She would chase the darkness away for me, just like the shining silver moon above us. I remembered that when we were younger, we would often sit next to each other, Esther with her gentle arms around me, as we talked about sweet nothings.

I let a small smile touch my lips. That pale, almost silver hair of Astin that shone in the dim light of the moon, let memories of years ago flow back into my mind. Esther had that same hair. There was no mistake to it, even though she named herself Astin now; it was Esther who had come back to me.

My sister had always reminded me of the moon. That silver looking ball in the sky reflected the rays of sunlight like a mirror, just like Esther showed me a reflection of what I was or would become.

My sister, the young princess Esther, had always been a gifted child and because of her many skills, she had been first in line for the throne. She was the epitome of how a ruler should be and she would have been on the Throne, but, though she doesn’t know it yet, that was now all too late. She had wasted her chances when she went to our land of origin to complete her quest.

Her quest had been to unveil that which was concealed. Her name, Esther, meant ‘the hidden’, and it had been bestowed upon her the day of her birth to hide her from the Devil, for she was born weak. But with the years she grew strong, so much stronger and braver than anyone could have imagined. Esther no longer needed to be hidden. With that in mind, she had gone off in search of God’s Truth, which had the power to shed the veil from her existence and allow her legitimacy as heir to the throne.

She succeeded. She called herself Astin now; which meant excellence, beauty and goodness. She no longer needed to hide.

But I no longer needed guidance.

Astin, no matter how good a ruler she could be, would never ascend beyond excellence. It was pitiful.

Astin could only be a light of the night, just like the silver moon.

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