Brother Joshua

That night, red roses blossomed in the monastery’s garden.

Every step of my feet echoed through the endless halls of the monastery. The silent darkness made me shake in fear, but I bravely kept on walking. A maze of halls and stairs were determined to keep me away from my final destination: brother Joshua.

Finally I reached his room. I took a deep breath and softly knocked on the door, waiting for him to answer me.

“Come in!” he called.

I opened the door and stepped into his room, where I found him seated behind his desk, his eyes glued to a stack of documents. He looked up from them and his clear blue eyes met mine, dark like the night.

“Brother Juda,” he greeted me, “From where this honor to visit me? And during such a time?”

I bit my bottom lip as I felt my heart beating rapidly. It was as though my chest could burst open any moment.

He raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Brother Juda?” he repeated.

Slowly I walked up to him, the floor creaking underneath my feet. It was now or never, this was the moment.

“Brother Joshua,” I greeted him back.

He kept staring at me, with his worried eyes.

“You must know, my brother, that I love and respect you above all other brothers among us. It is why I’ve come to you. A question has bothered me for so long, taunting me and giving me sleepless nights…”


I kissed his frozen lips. Still so soft as always. The wind played with his beautiful hair. I kissed his closed eyes. His pale cheeks. The wounds piercing through his feet and the palms of his hands. My lips touched and caressed every inch of his body, as I remembered our conversation. Brother Joshua, I loved him so much. I loved him above all.

Love is the way to God.”

I carefully peeled the clothes of his body and admired his unequaled beauty. Brother Joshua, to him I’ve sold my soul and He was my God. I spread his legs and conquered his Temple.

Love God above all, and your neighbor as yourself, for that is the path that leads to Heaven.”

Stars shooting past my eyes, a thousand times more than those twinkling in the night sky. His cold body warmed up underneath mine, as I road faster and faster over the sacred path. Within him I found my Heaven, when I reached the moment of ecstasy. Brother Joshua, he was my final destination.

My brother, which path does Love follow?”

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