Night Moths

The wind howled, causing the rose petals to flutter around me in a dance like small butterflies. Their sweet scent tried to catch my attention, but my thoughts had long since traveled back to that night, three years ago, when the moon had lit up red for the first time.

I was fleeing. Running across the narrow, winding paths of the eerily silent monastery. White night moths, haunted me, chasing after me like little monsters. I kept running.

“Help! Someone, please, help me!”

No one listened. No one could have heard me. The entire monastery was permeated with the scent of damnation. I turned my head around to look back and saw Him, encircled by rose petals which were carried by the unnatural air surrounding Him. He was following me.

The wind rose and whispered in my ears, “You cannot escape Me, child… you belong to the Damned…”

“No!” I cried and I pressed my hands against my ears. I didn’t want to listen to it; I wouldn’t listen to it.

But no matter how hard I tried to resist, His voice penetrated through to me regardless, assaulting my eardrums like a nightly orchestra. “Resistance is futile, My child. You have always belonged to Me, and before the sun has risen, you’ll be in My power.”

I stubbornly kept running. Keep moving. Never ever stop again. “You won’t get me!” cried over my shoulder.

But when I focused on the path in front of me again, I knew deep inside how futile my struggle had been, for He was already in front of me. I recoiled. How could He stand before, when only moments ago He had been chasing after me? How had He done it?

I took another step backwards. Behind me I suddenly heard a different howl. Not the wind. No, they were wolves. I stiffened in fear. There was no way out!

He reached out with an open hand. “Will you surrender to Me now, mortal?”

I stood where I was, but I could not answer Him. The fear had silenced me into submission.

He strode towards me with all the majestic air that belonged to one who ruled, each of His steps soundless in the night air. He wrapped his arms around me, and within his embrace everything began to blur around me…

The first clap of thunder resounded and woke me from my thoughts. The arms surrounding me, however, had not disappeared.

“Do you enjoy your new position as Priest and right-hand of the Throne?”

“Why are You here?”

He grinned. “To celebrate our three years anniversary.”

“You rejoice in the fact that I have killed the one I loved most?”

He tutted softly. “My dear Judas, your destiny will always be to kill those who ascend to Godhood. It is the cross you bear.”

I closed my eyes. “My name is Juda, not Judas.”

He laughed then. “Juda or Judas, it matters little. Your soul still belongs to the Devil.”

He turned me around and stared at me with His lustful eyes, just like three years ago. My Lord. My Lover. My Captor. He was my eternal Enemy. Slowly, He coaxed me to lie down on the grassy ground of the garden and then He unclothed me. While He rewrote His curse on my body, I looked up into the face of the blood red moon in the sky, which reflected the guilt of sin staining my hands.

The night moths were no longer white.

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