Alone. In the darkness again. That damn needle had put me here. No, it wasn’t that needle, it was Judas. It was that traitor, who had put me here. What was outside? I couldn’t remember anything but the wretched darkness surrounding me. Emptiness and darkness. Blackness. No one for me. No one was ever here for me. I was alone with my thoughts on Judas.

It was sudden.

I was not alone anymore. Suddenly, a voice was here. It was so clear resounding from the shadows. I believed then that this voice could lead me to the outside world. I wanted to hear it again, one more time, but…

Silence. Everything around me quieted down again, returning to how it was. It was as if the voice had never been there at all. Silence, emptiness, and darkness. I tried to shout. I tried to call for that voice again, but somehow I couldn’t. My vocal cords didn’t seem to work anymore.

Where was I again?  How had I come here?

I no longer remembered…


These questions were not important. I needed to focus. How could I get out of here? How could I get out to kill Jud–

What was that?

It was that voice again. I knew this voice. I was being called. If only I could answer. I wanted to cry out. Help me! Please, help me! But my voice wouldn’t listen to me.

I was beginning to get desperate.

I had to be heard. If I was not heard now, I would never be heard; I would never get out of here again!

I tried to stand up…

I couldn’t. Why couldn’t I stand up? I didn’t understand. It was as if I were stuck. Chained.

I tried pulling my arms. Nothing.

Again. No effect.

My arms were beginning to hurt, but then I remembered that I shouldn’t be able to feel my arms. Why was that? I had arms, didn’t I?

I couldn’t give up now. The voice – it was still…

It was singing. It sounded so sad, yet beautiful, and… familiar. I had heard it before. Whose voice was this?

Where did you wander to?
I cannot follow you.
When will return, my sight,
and darkness, once more, be light?”

A ray of light cut through the shades of darkness and fractured my chains.

Finally, I was free.

I opened my eyes and blinked. I looked around, and there he was, the man who saved my life. He was sitting upright in the bed opposite mine in the hospital ward. He must have moved in while I had been trapped within my mind.

The man was looking at me, but he didn’t appear to have noticed my waking. He didn’t see me at all for he was blind. I watched him as he continued his song:

Where did you go from here?
Was I the burden,
who made you disappear?
Was I the burden?
Is this what I fear?
I still long for you – oh, Sarai,
I still want you to be near.”

When he finished, I spoke, “I heard you no longer paint, but your talent for song hasn’t waned, Lucas.”

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