The Devil’s Pet

I could read the thoughts and feelings of my conquest on his open face.

He was thinking about aggression.

Something about pounding my head in, once he got his old life back. That I deserved no less for humiliating him like this. That I tricked him by looking pretty, but my character was not nearly as beautiful – it was deeply ugly.

True; I was a far cry from his gentle brother Joshua, who was always there for him with a listening ear. I was a cruel creature who mistreated the poor soul. Unfortunately, he was stuck with me now. He no longer belonged to the world of brother Joshua..

“Damn you for taking me away from brother Joshua,” my underling muttered underneath his breath.

He was thinking of having me begging on my knees one day. It likely sounded wonderful in his ears. The seemingly invincible Devil begging for mercy, his cheeks lined with two streaks of tears, while Juda –or Judas– leaned over him, tall and merciless? Ah, how sweet revenge could be!

I noticed a blush dusting on my underling’s cheeks. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and starting waving his hand in a miserable attempt to cool himself down.

I could see his thoughts forming in his head.

Was he the only one thinking that way of the Devil? (No, he wasn’t.) But he hated him!

So, what if he hated the dark prince? That didn’t mean that he couldn’t think of him like that, right? For a monster, the Devil was certainly good looking, Judas had admitted it fairly and squarely to himself.

Why was he over-analyzing this anyway? He still hated the Devil, and that would never change, because it was the basis of their relationship. It was how their bond was defined.

My underling scratched his little, confused head.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw me crossing his path.

“Master,” said he as he bowed.

I acknowledged Judas with a nod, before we parted again.

I let a smirk glide over my face. I had existed long enough to know that annoyance and hate were a lot closer to friendship and love than people expected them to be.

My Judas didn’t know it yet, but he had found his special someone.

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