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This place was created to gather all of the English original fiction (published e-books and free), fan fiction and poetry I’ve written over the years in one place. Places where I post my artworks will be linked to as well. Works I’ve written in other languages (which are few) will NOT be published here nor referred to.

Through the years I’ve written under a whole slew of pseudonyms: SonnyGoten, Maliya Wong, M. Wong, Y. W. Bat, Yunwa, M. Mau, and MauMau99. I have no idea why I created so many aliases in the past, but it’s my intention to narrow the names down to only one in order to avoid confusion, and my choice fell on my oldest alias, SonnyGoten. This is the name I would like to use from now on and stick by in the future.

If you are a new reader, then I hope you will enjoy my works as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you are a returning reader then I would like to express my joy and gratitude for having you join me here! It’s my goal to improve upon my work and become better, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please make yourself at home!

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