2nd re-write Middle Kingdom

I had lots of fun writing The Gate of the Middle Kingdom, it was quite exciting and enjoyable for me to experiment with short chapter formats and I learned a lot during thus project. However, what I like and enjoy to scribble down as a writer is not always what readers enjoy to read. It’s come to my attention that readers find my format cumbersome to read, because they are pulled out of the story after every chapter ends. Such issues need to be addressed.

It is for this reason that I will, again, re-write The Gate to the Middle Kingdom. I’ve now experience in formats of varying lengths where short formats are concerned. The Twitter-format was fun, but too short for me to really let my words flow. The 50-word format was a joy for me to work with, but cumbersome for the reader to plow through. The 100-word format never received such complaints, and was also a great deal of fun for me to wtite in.

I’ll therefore choose to re-write the story in thid format. The Gate to the Middle Kingdom was always meant to be written using an experimental format, but during experiments it is sometimes necessary to make compromises and adapt your original plans.


New story!! A’Gau: Rise of the Omega

I am experimenting with using Squidoo to host my free stories and the first one to go online is a new fic of mine called A’Gau: Rise of the Omega.

Start reading the story here: https://sonnygoten.wordpress.com/free-reads/agau-rise-of-the-omega/

It’s a werewolf story, but it will not be about massive über-alpha males, because those are the type of characters that annoy me most. So, nope, nothing like that! Instead, I’m thinking of turning it into a story about politics and court intrigue… but we’ll see how it ends, I’m not the type to keep strictly to my outlines.

The only thing for certain is that this will be another cell phone novel. This one will have exactly 100 words per chapter.

The Gate to the Middle Kingdom ch31-40 and other news!

There are now 40 chapters to my story The Gate to the Middle Kingdom!
Stephen is getting himself into a lot of trouble, and I’m not sure whether Danny is able to get him out of it or not… We’ll just have to see.
Read the latest 10 chapters here: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3060378/4/
Follow every update here: http://www.textnovel.com/story/The-Gate-to-the-Middle-Kingdom/8636/

Also, in other news, I am working on a collaborative fantasy novel. It’s all written, but I am the one who’s going to edit it, and I’m only halfway through. I am also in the process of painting its cover, but also still not finished on it. Working title is Fire of Mars. We’ll see if the title will change or not.
Characters in this book all behave deliciously atrocious, collaborating and backstabbing each other like there is no tomorrow. I must say that I despise saintliness.

Lastly, the Smashwords edition of Letters to an Imaginary Friend is back online for sale! Buy it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/236116?ref=SonnyGoten

The Gate to the Middle Kingdom – ch21 to ch30

I may be slow with updates, but I did not stop writing this fic. I now have reached the 30th chapter of my twitter-sized story The Gate to the Middle Kingdom!

I have also decided to post this fic on my FictionPress account. you can read it here:

Other stories of mine that you can read on FictionPress:

The Gate to the Middle Kingdom

I just posted a new chapter of The Gate to the Middle Kingdom. The Twitter format was actually a very good idea, the limit imposed upon myself makes it impossible for me to fill in space with unnecessary words – every chapter needs to be to the point. Even better is that I only have to write 140 characters to upload one chapter, so I can do this between my other projects. Also, the sentence constructions and flow of the story are more manageable, because of the smaller portions per chapter. So far it goes along nicely.

Read the story HERE.