What happened while I was away?

Since I hardly update Blogger, it’s no wonder that no one knows what’s going in SonnyGoten’s world. So what happened while I was away?

I dropped Squidoo. Squidoo just doesn’t work for me; at least not, for posting fics.

I also published a cell phone novel called Robbed: the thief whose heart was stolen for the first time. It a small story that gives a glimpse into a world that I am still expanding upon. This world will be shown when I publish another story I’m working on, which is much, much bigger (and, of course, not finished yet; I’m only at the start of writing – it’s going to take a long while).

In the mean time, I’ve revised The Gate to the Middle Kingdom. It’s no longer a Twitter-sized story, but it’s still a cell phone novel; now, all the chapters consist of 50 words.

A’Gau: Rise of the Omega is developing along nicely, but the time I’m spending on it takes away my attention for Adam grows up. I haven’t dropped the latter, but don’t expect to see quick updates on this story any time soon.

Finally, I’m also still working on the sequel of The Fire of Mars. The story is more or less already finished, with great help of the other authors, but heavy edits are still in order, and while I do have a working name for the project, I’m not certain that I will use this name when I publish this.

Those are the most important things that happened in my world while I was away from Blogger, I think.


"The Fire of Mars" is out!

An epic historical fantasy story, this round robin started its life on a role-playing forum. After some major editing work and hard work on the cover art, the final  results of these efforts can be seen below, and I am most satisfied, I must admit.

When Caesar Tiberius I comes down to Jerusalem, a terrorist organisation called the Sicarii plots to assassinate him to rid Judea once and for all from Roman occupation. For this reason, Hexia is send to complete a transaction between the Church, an underground Christian sect, and Joseph Caiaphas, High Priest of the Jews. But Hexia fails in her mission and decides to run. This sets off a series of events that causes her fate to become entwined with a slave, a priest’s daughter, and a vengeful terrorist.

With an entire empire at stake, a battle for the Fire Staff breaks out. For the one who controls the Fire Staff becomes the Witch and heads the Fire of Mars – he will be the pillar upholding all of Rome. A deadly game begins, but those who play it will soon find out that the power they seek might just corrupt their very soul.

Buy e-book for $4.99 / Buy paperback for $14.99

The Gate to the Middle Kingdom ch31-40 and other news!

There are now 40 chapters to my story The Gate to the Middle Kingdom!
Stephen is getting himself into a lot of trouble, and I’m not sure whether Danny is able to get him out of it or not… We’ll just have to see.
Read the latest 10 chapters here: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3060378/4/
Follow every update here: http://www.textnovel.com/story/The-Gate-to-the-Middle-Kingdom/8636/

Also, in other news, I am working on a collaborative fantasy novel. It’s all written, but I am the one who’s going to edit it, and I’m only halfway through. I am also in the process of painting its cover, but also still not finished on it. Working title is Fire of Mars. We’ll see if the title will change or not.
Characters in this book all behave deliciously atrocious, collaborating and backstabbing each other like there is no tomorrow. I must say that I despise saintliness.

Lastly, the Smashwords edition of Letters to an Imaginary Friend is back online for sale! Buy it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/236116?ref=SonnyGoten