My stomach feels empty.
like a hollow shell,
a gaping hole,
a dried up well.
Hunger is eating at me.


SonnyGoten as company & new pseudonym

There have been some things going on my real life, and because of them, I found this to be a good opportunity to actually register with (local) governmental organisations and what not, and become a real indie-publisher and -writer. To accomplish this, I am planning to upgrade the SonnyGoten name from pseudonym to publishing name/label. Having thought about it for a while, it never really sounded like a good pseudonym anyway, it had always felt more like a brand or trademark name of a non-human entity. In order to let SonnyGoten become the name of the company, I’ll need a new pseudonym. I’m thinking of S. M. W. Goten Y. W. Bat, I’ll all my original fiction will be published under that name eventually as part of SonnyGoten. Of course, to fit that plan, this website will have some alterations. My old books will also all be re-published under S. M. W. Goten Y. W. Bat, likely with new designs, etc.; I expect the transfer of everything to be a long and consuming process, so wish me luck!

“Cross” is finished!

I finished expanding upon Cross. It’s now turned into a tiny novelette, and I am very pleased with it.

I’ve also uploaded the documents to Amazon and Smashwords, so if everything goes right, the e-books can be bought by the next day or two. I’m still working on the paperback version, but I don’t think it’ll take long either for it to appear.

I’ll be editing my webpage for Cross as well to fit the new information, so expect changes to come!

I hope my readers will enjoy reading the new additions as much as I enjoyed writing them.

2nd re-write Middle Kingdom

I had lots of fun writing The Gate of the Middle Kingdom, it was quite exciting and enjoyable for me to experiment with short chapter formats and I learned a lot during thus project. However, what I like and enjoy to scribble down as a writer is not always what readers enjoy to read. It’s come to my attention that readers find my format cumbersome to read, because they are pulled out of the story after every chapter ends. Such issues need to be addressed.

It is for this reason that I will, again, re-write The Gate to the Middle Kingdom. I’ve now experience in formats of varying lengths where short formats are concerned. The Twitter-format was fun, but too short for me to really let my words flow. The 50-word format was a joy for me to work with, but cumbersome for the reader to plow through. The 100-word format never received such complaints, and was also a great deal of fun for me to wtite in.

I’ll therefore choose to re-write the story in thid format. The Gate to the Middle Kingdom was always meant to be written using an experimental format, but during experiments it is sometimes necessary to make compromises and adapt your original plans.

Name change Middle Kingdom

Middle Kingdom will have a slight change in it’s name. From now on, instead of The Gate to the Middle Kingdom, It will be called The Gate of the Middle Kingdom instead, I felt this title was slightly more accurate, because it’s a better translation of the restaurant’s name ‘Zhonggguo zhi men’.

This story, by the way, now has exactly 60 chapters! Read them here:

Website maintenance & possibly a new story

Well, I tweaked my website a bit. Nothing major happened, but I tried to ditch those lower boxes, which have always annoyed me. Now, the Facebook and Twitter buttons can be found at the top of the menu. I still have to check if everything’s working properly though, but we’ll get there in good time.

I also tentatively started on a new story. It’s a diary format, and it expands upon Letters to an Imaginary Friend, but I’m not certain I will publish this story; it really depends on how it will turn out.

The Gate to the Middle Kingdom chapter 50 out! & other stuff.

Yes, I’m very happy to announce that The Gate to the Middle Kingdom is now 50 chapters (which is 2500 words) long! You can read it here or here. Please, do leave a review to tell me whether you liked it or not, and your speculations on future development.

I also did some major proofreading and editing on the sequel for Fire of Mars. It’s coming along nicely, I think, but because of its set-up, I’m tempted to make some stylistic alterations in Fire of Mars itself and publish a 2nd edition, just to make the two stories fit better together. Well, first my priority is to finish revisions on this sequel to finish off the Phoenix Legend series, then we’ll see what happens to Fire of Mars.

Revisions & new chapter posted!

I finished rewriting The Gate to the Middle Kingdom up until the part where I left off, and it has almost twice the volume compared to what it was before in Twitter-size. And, still, it’s written in extremely short chapters! I must say I’m quite proud of myself right now!

Read Stephen and Daniel’s story here.

I’ve also posted a new chapter for A’Gau: Rise of the Omega. It now has exactly twenty chapters, and I think that’s something to be celebrated!

You can read A’Gau’s story here.