Robbed: the thief whose heart was stolen for the first time


This whimsical little tale is written as a cell phone novel. The short chapters are all exactly 100 words of length; and are specifically designed to be read on the small screen of a cell phone.


When the thief Lady decides that her protégé, Sovann, needs a companion she goes out of her way to, err… steal the seed… from the straitlaced general Dossé. Nine months later Gwinn is born. But as the two grow up together, their relationship is anything but amicable…

While under Lady’s influence, Sovann developed a passion for thievery that now burns like wildfire, whereas Gwinn took after his father in both looks as well as personality. To those who don’t know him, Gwinn’s straitlaced nature would come across as icy.

Add to this mix of hot and cold a most fascinating captive rebel and a good dose of jealousy, and one can only wonder…

Will Gwinn ever overcome Sovann’s exasperating behavior?



  1. First pedigree
  2. First sight
  3. First conquest
  4. First child
  5. First regret
  6. First toy
  7. First in line
  8. First class thief
  9. First time alone
  10. (2nd) First time
  11. First kiss
  12. First rebel
  13. First confusion
  14. First confession from the rebel
  15. First understanding
  16. First problem
  17. First impression
  18. First enemy
  19. First changes
  20. First rumors
  21. First date
  22. First conversation
  23. First choice… or not?
  24. First savior
  25. First home
  26. First longing
  27. First woman
  28. First victim
  29. First frustrations
  30. First-name basis (part 1)
  31. First-name basis (part 2)
  32. First-name basis (part 3)
  33. First Daughter
  34. First offer
  35. (No) First answer
  36. First time cooking (part 1)
  37. First time cooking (part 2)
  38. First friend
  39. First true anger
  40. First one at fault
  41. First words
  42. First nature
  43. First one
  44. First love
  45. First belonging
  46. First confession from Sovann
  47. First confession from Gwinn
  48. First love, celebrated
  49. First one, confirmed
  50. First glimpses of their next adventure


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