WARNING: Yu-Gi-Oh! was one of the first fandoms that I wrote for. Consequently, the quality of most of these stories is quite poor. I would NOT recommend you reading any of them, unless you want your eyes to be slowly tortured by ugly, ugly, oh-so-ugly lines of drivel. Still, I will put them up here regardless for those of you who are curious.

  • One desert flower in Rome:
    Atem, once pharaoh in Egypt, is now standing in Rome entertaining people with his life. Will he be brave enough to stay alive? (COMPLETE)
    **Note: This short story is probably one of the better ones in this list. If you MUST read my Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfics, this is the one you should go for.
  • Welcome to my messed up life:
    Learn to know our favourite blond, Jounouchi Katsuya, a bit better. You’ll see, he’s not just a mindless mutt and he’s actually quite complicated. Now let’s see if a certain CEO can look through that iron mask. (COMPLETE)
    **Note: The ending of this poor story is very abrupt, because I lost interest in it and wanted to finish it quickly.
  • He’s back: I will get you, Malik!:
    Oh no, YamiMalik is back! What is he up to? And what will happen when he falls for his hikari? And what does Malik think of this situation? (COMPLETE)
    ** Note: The first time I wrote smut, and probably the reason why I lost interest in smut. This story is so bad, it ruined smut for me forever!! Also, I was 14 y. o. when I started writing this horrible piece.
  • Famous singer: Catching my dream:
    It’s the YuGiOh! cast doing Full Moon wo Sagashite! Yugi wants to be a singer, but he has a tumor in his throat. The two shinigamies, Marik and Bakura, to the rescue. This can only mean trouble. (COMPLETE)
    ** Note: First time I wrote a crossover. Also, I added terrible poetry to pad the word-count.
  • Troubles:
    I wrote horrible, horrible poetry about the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, because I loved them so much. Please don’t read them!