A Game of Keys

GameofKeysThis novella was written in response to a challenge. The challenge was to write a story based on a very specific short excerpt featuring a kidnapping, a threat of rape, and the need to find a set of keys. Considering the material I was working with, it should be no surprise that the final story became rather dark and twisted in tone. For those who can’t stomach potentially offensive material, you might want to skip this story. However, if you are still curious after reading this, then please proceed – but don’t say I haven’t warned you!


A stalker has kidnapped Connor, but Connor is being offered a way to freedom. In a game of cat and mouse, he must find the right keys to unlock both his handcuffs and the door keeping him from the outside world. If he succeeds within an hour, he will be free to go as he pleases. If not, then he will face the consequences.

But as Connor struggles through his kidnapper’s twisted game, he uncovers a dark secret that changes everything he once knew to be real. Soon enough he realizes that the greatest enemy he must confront may not be his kidnapper, but his own inner demon.


Although this story can be read for free on this website, I would be very happy if you financially supported my work by buying the paperback edition at:

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


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