The Fire of Mars



When Caesar Tiberius I comes down to Jerusalem, a terrorist organisation called the Sicarii plots to assassinate him to rid Judea once and for all from Roman occupation. For this reason, Hexia is send to complete a transaction between the Church, an underground Christian sect, and Joseph Caiaphas, High Priest of the Jews. But Hexia fails in her mission and decides to run. This sets off a series of events that causes her fate to become entwined with a slave, a priest’s daughter, and a vengeful terrorist.

With an entire empire at stake, a battle for the Fire Staff breaks out. For the one who controls the Fire Staff becomes the Witch and heads the Fire of Mars – he will be the pillar upholding all of Rome. A deadly game begins, but those who play it will soon find out that the power they seek might just corrupt their very soul.


Co-authors: I. Things, H. J. Anarchy, M. Wong, M. Mau & E. Brown


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