Letters to an Imaginary Friend

Letters to an Imaginary Friend - kdp OP

This is an epistolary novella written in verse. It came about when I wanted to put all my poetry together in a bundle and noticed certain themes popping up continuously. I decided to edit the poems and pad them out to turn everything into a coherent story. This is the result.


When 16 year old M. writes an open letter to God, the teen unwittingly starts a chain of verse letters, and not all of these are from mortals…

Sometimes dramatic and emotional, sometimes sharp and witty, these poems tell two stories that somehow come to intertwine with each other. One is a bitter tale of love, jealousy and madness between three friends. The other tries to show the well-known history between the Father and His unfavorite son in a different light.

One thing is for certain – more than one person’s life changed through this battle of pens.



Book I: Falling

  1. Imaginary Friend
  2. Little by little
  3. Have you not heard the story?
  4. I can tell
  5. Empty words
  6. Follow me
  7. Liar, liar
  8. Re: Liar
  9. Words of Truth
  10. Don’t you know?
  11. Seven sins
  12. Twister of words
  13. Why do you ask?
  14. Liar, liar – second
  15. But I still call You Father
  16. Liar, liar – third
  17. King
  18. Alone in the end
  19. My way
  20. Ode to the Morning Star
  21. Farewell
  22. Spotlight stolen
  23. The winning team
  24. One step each time
  25. Because I had to say goodbye

Book II: Seduction

  1. Falling for you
  2. Hear me complain
  3. I walk on
  4. I wonder
  5. First time
  6. Mine, not yours
  7. Mistake
  8. Call on the Devil
  9. Terms of the Devil
  10. Suspicious deal
  11. The Devil trades fairly
  12. First ode to Satan
  13. Rejected
  14. Second ode to Satan
  15. Sleep, oh sleep now

Book III: Crumbling

  1. No longer friends
  2. Piss off
  3. Who do you think you are?
  4. Amnesia
  5. Not unalike
  6. Fighter
  7. A shadow falls over heaven
  8. My archenemy
  9. Pleading for peace
  10. I need you
  11. Understanding
  12. Remember


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