These short stories were first written long ago when I was still in high school; the majority of them were written in Dutch for a school project on creative writing, but some of them also used to be fanfics. I decided to translate the Dutch stories into English, to re-write the fanfics into original content, and to tweak all of them in such a way that they connected to an overarching theme. The result is what you find below.


This novelette is a collection of short stories bound together by Fate. Each story is like a puzzle piece, written from the point of view of one of the main characters, and when put together these pieces form a bigger picture.

Two sisters compete; a talented man cannot fulfill his dreams; murder in the monastry garden; voices of temptation… even the Devil cannot break free. Fate leads us to jealousy; to love, hate, fear and shame; yet, eventually, we all go astray.


Although this story can be read for free on this website, I would be very happy if you financially supported my work by buying the paperback edition at:

ISBN-10: 1495495981
ISBN-13: 978-1495495984



  1. Cross
  2. The Silver Moon
  3. The Golden Sun
  4. World of Darkness
  5. Brother Joshua
  6. Key
  7. The Devil’s Pet
  8. Synchronicity
  9. Song
  10. Wall of Shame
  11. Night Moths
  12. Destiny


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